Heating Pad Electric (Medicare)


Heating Pad Electric (Medicare)



• Absorbent Sponge
• Soft Cover With Tie Band
• Removeable, Washable Cover
• 100% Moisture-proof, Vinyl Covered Pad
• 2 Hours Auto-off Control
• 4 Heat Settings With Indicator Lights


• Soothing Moist or Dry Warmth Relieves Tired, Arching Muscles & Temporary Arthritic Pain.

• Absorbent Sponge Provides Penetrating Moist Heat.

• Soft Cover With Tie Band to Hold the Heating Pad in Place.

• Removeable, Washable Cover with Snap Closure.

• 100% Moisture-proof, Vinyl Covered Pad.

• 2 Hours Auto-off Control.

• 4 Heat Settings With Indicator Lights.


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