Cotton Bandages (Fine Quality)


Cotton Bandages (Fine Quality)




Produced accordingly to BPC specifications. Adopted advance techniques for manufacturing and dried in Dried Chamber. Maintained GMP required standards and quality Control Procedures.

Cotton cloth of plain weave, bleached to a good white, in one continuous length containing no joins, clean and reasonably free from weaving defects, leaf and shell; the edges are evenly cut, parallel with the warp threads and are reasonably free from loose threads.

  • Manufactured according to the BPC standards.
  • Made of Cotton cloth of plain weave.
  • Closely woven, bleached to a good white and reasonably free from weaving defects.
  • Edges are evenly cut parallel to warp threads and are reasonably free from loose threads.
  • Used as an external dressing.
  • Also used for orthopedic purposes.
  • May be used in conjunction with other surgical appliances.
  • Presented in attractive paper packing and waterproof polythene packing packed on automatic plant.


Open-wove bandage is used to protect dressings and, if necessary, immobilization; the heavy weft gives added protection in the form of bulk and better gripping between layers of the bandage. When applied wet, allowance should be made for possible shrinkage. It is also used to secure splints.


In one dozen packet ; in the sizes 5 cm, 7.5cm, 10 cm and 15 cm wide x 3.66 and 4.57 Meter long. 12 Nos., packed in paper packet.


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